Past Order – 1984 Toyota Corolla Levin GT-V

When customer Jason K requested an AE86 vehicle we knew it would need to be a special one.  He had previously owned a road registered ER34 Skyline GT-T and it was very well built over the years, bearing nearly 500HP in the final stages.

Getting into an AE86 was definitely a wild step down, one many owners end up doing.  Its the enjoyment factory in the end, you simply cant beat nimble small engine high response Japanese sports cars.

For this search then we stuck it out, managed max budget in sourcing a properly set up light weight Toyota Levin.   There was just a small handful of cars to share in the beginning, then late one Monday night a listing popped up for the local Yokohama auction held every Tuesday.

As seen above it looked quite clean, had a complete paint treatment, rebuilt engine with high performance pistons, camshafts and so on, even fitted with an older HKS F-CON CPU.

On inspection day the car showed very well & only deterrent was the off color SSR wheel faces.  Small time imperfection and in the end will still bought it!

Once transported to the private parking terminal the car was gone through and tidied up a little. The paint work was real good on this one, they did a thorough job with all the jams refinished, better than new we thought.

We ended up pulling and selling off the SSR’s to make room from some period correct Watanabe wheels.

The engine in this one looked fairly stock however it had a whole slew of great upgrades including HKS cams, pistons all mated within the much stronger 4A-GZE block.  A very refined and rev happy package.

Its worth sharing the underside of this one, whoever did the body on this Levin did a cracking job on the underside. 

Not a lot more to say about this one, the quality speaks for itself and a solid testimate on the quality Feast Auto is after on any and all custom orders.

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