Past Order – 1985 Toyota Corolla Levin GT-V

One of the best parts about locating a vehicle in Japan is that they are often already well modified.  The savings in buying this way are immense when you really start adding up.    This was the case when we sourced this Levin for a long time parts customer, Mr. Chris Collins.

This particular car was no easy task in buying.  It was on auction for weeks on end with a very high reserve set in place.  And you cant really blame it for having such, it did already have a rebuilt motor and an exterior that was completely refinished from top to bottom.   Week after week we kept trying to buy, seller never accepting offer and then finally just before a Japanese holiday it came up again and again we made an offer. But this time around the seller accepted and the rest is history. 

The stance on this zenki Levin is picture perfect, riding on TRD shocks and springs.  For more rigidity it had the normal front and rear tower bars and even the shell was partially spot welded. Even had plate gussets welded in in the engine bay for even more rigidity.

The motor itself was completely redone.  Starting off with an AE92 block, TODA Racing pistons were fitted matched with high lift TODA Racing 264 cams & valve-train components.  The CPU fitted was by Freedom, a small outfit in Japan offering full standalone units.  While we never had an A/F meter on it the feel was sensational, very well dialed in.  Estimated power was no doubt in the 180PS range respectively.

Interior was a classic, disco looking race bucket, no frills options and a couple meter in place.

Chris still has this vehicle and be sure to read up on a NY Times article discussing RHD vehicles being imported into the USA.

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