Past Order – 1994 Nissan Skyline GT-R

If your living in Canada or another country, you will know there is a massive price gap between good and bad BNR32’s.  It seems many of them are mistreated, unmaintained and sellers totally unrealistic of what the car is worth.   With this said many buyers resort to importing there own direct from Japan. There is frankly more time involved in going this route however with a trusting contact in Japan like Feast Auto and a bit of patience then your pretty much set.

This example was the final model year of the BNR32 production run, perhaps more desirable to some buyers than others.   Exterior had some quality updates including Nismo N1 bumper vents & side aero package.  Interior was fairly stock with just an upgraded steering wheel and BNR34 spec dead pedal.

Engine had a bit of dress up work done by way of BNR34 engine covers. Added HKS pod filters and a high quality Kakimoto exhaust system pretty much wraps up the mod list on this one.

The factory surge tank showed like many other original cars, paint chipped and flaking off.  Nissan finally smartened up when the BNR34 came out, leaving the surge tank with out paint.

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