Past Order – 1980 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-ES Turbo

Becoming more and more popular are the early 80’s Nissan Skyline HGC210 & 211’s.  Box stock they are really not all that appealing but when you lower one, fit chin spoiler, rear spoiler, wheels and even fender arch extensions the end results are fantastic.

This actual car was sourced for a Canadian customer not long ago,  was an actual HGC211 model fitted with the not so popular L20ET turbo engine.  L series engines are great but when Nissan introduced a turbo version, they stuff in a very low pressure turbo set up that needs all sorts of tweaking to make decent power.  Makers like HKS offered the ST kit below back when this car came out.

Back to the car; it was really picture perfect.  Had recently gone through a full body re-spray, not a bad job entirely and saving one a lot of money being this way.   As with all 70 and 80’s cars the underside needed some attention, more so preventative re-finishing to keep it good and solid.

L20 motor remained fairly stock with just an induction upgrade and higher quality ignition wires.  
Interior for the age showed pretty good.  Previous owner had fitted a nice set of matching Recaro seats , aftermarket steering wheel, Nismo shift handle and pedal covers.  While there were a few area’s to sort out it remained complete which is remarkable for a vehicle of this age.

Finally a short drive video put together as part of the vehicle documenting process.

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